Get Cranky!

Cranky Uncle Vaccine is a free digital health game that teaches you how to spot misinformation tricks you might see on social media, or hear from a friend or family member (especially a cranky uncle).

Play the game to:

  • Learn facts about vaccination
  • Understand how Cranky Uncle’s tricks can mislead
  • Practice recognising misinformation with fun quizzes to earn cranky points (and see Cranky Uncle get even crankier!)

Play for free now!*

*Available for download in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.
Smart phone screenshots of the Cranky Uncle Vaccine app

What's in the game?

Cranky Uncle cartoon character with an angry face expression and wagging finger


Learn about misinformation tricks (fallacies) and how to spot them. Cranky Uncle can’t fool you!

Cranky Uncle cartoon character looking skeptical with his hand on his chin


Answer quiz questions to practice identifying tricks, and earn more cranky points.

Cranky Uncle cartoon character looking very angry with steam coming out of his ears


The more cranky points you earn, the crankier Cranky Uncle gets! You’ll also unlock new tricks along the way.


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