Media Mentions & Published Papers

29 February, 2024
Students Empowered to Fact-Check Health Misinformation using the Cranky Uncle Vaccine Game.
UniMAC - Ghana Institute of Journalism

16 January, 2024
Mobile-based game designed to fight misinformation around climate change, and now vaccines.
Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre

10 January, 2024
'Cranky Uncle' game tackles vaccine hesitancy.
Juta Medical Brief

10 January, 2024
Co-designing the Cranky Uncle Vaccine game in East Africa.

7 January, 2024
Climate and vaccine misinformation seemed worlds apart – but it turned out the Cranky Uncle was a universal figure.
The Guardian

6 January, 2024
Cranky Uncle game combats climate and vaccine misinformation.
News Minimalist

6 January, 2024
Cranky Uncle Game: A Unique Approach to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy.

23 December, 2023
Co-Designing a Mobile-Based Game to Improve Misinformation Resistance and Vaccine Knowledge in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.
Journal of Health Communication

15 December, 2023
Gavi gives AVMA the green light, "Cranky Uncle" game goes live.
The World Vaccine Congress

12 December, 2023
Games against misinformation: “Cranky Uncle Vaccine” launch.

30 November, 2023
New mobile app to counter vaccine misinformation.
Daily News

27 November, 2023
Vaccinating against misinformation - Cranky Uncle game launches in Tanzania.

5 October, 2023
Shaping global vaccine acceptance with localized knowledge: a report from the inaugural VARN2022 conference.
BMC Proceedings

25 May, 2023
How Video Games & Quizzes are Boosting Vaccine Education.
Vaccines Today

5 May, 2023
Cranky Uncle Vaccine: combining humor, games, and critical thinking to counter vaccine misinformation.
Northeastern University